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Arewa 24

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Arewa 24’s daily morning show is our flagship program and offers insights into all areas of Northern Nigerian life. Culture, sports, current events, art and cinema, health, employment and entrepreneurship, and entertainment segments are all woven together in this hour-long program to give audiences the best of Northern Nigerian life. Tune in each morning, and wake up to Arewa 24!

The hour-long show features a variety of segments:

TEAThe segment focuses each day on a specific issue relevant to women and/or children in Northern Nigeria. The target is mothers with young children, but the segment is of interest to women of all ages. Topics include education, entrepreneurship, child-rearing, societal engagement, culture, and religion, among many others.
arewa-video-kannywood-movie2Society, like each of our own lives, is built on relationships, whether interpersonal, family, friendship, romantic, economic, or between classmates or neighbors. How we value and interact in these relationships will be a key factor in whether or not we are happy and successful. The segment focuses on relationships in society and how each of us can play a role in making society and each others’ lives better through our actions, attitudes, and decisions.
DIRECTOR Saira-aminu-1561273454This segment focuses on the key players in the Hausa video film industry, aiming not only to entertain, but also to educate, inform, and enlighten audiences. The segment shall feature updates on the latest films, profiles of actors, producer/directors, personal lives, and relationships from around Kannywood.
HARSHE-4This segment traces the origin of the Hausa language and brings to the fore the language’s beauty, nuances, styles and the way and manner it is spoken in different parts of the Hausa states. The discussions and interviews explore why and how such differences came about and explain why such diversity represents the true richness of the Hausa language. Featured guests include include professors, scholars, historians, and other Hausa language experts.
arewa-video-youth-role-models2The main objective of this segment is to encourage youths to pursue a career, whether by staying or enrolling in school or going into business for themselves. Each day, the host showcases a different occupation, trade or business through interviews with entrepreneurs, educators, or tradesmen. Each interviewee discusses how he or she got to where they are and what youth need to do to succeed in that field.
Breakfast ShowMany people are unaware of the importance of good hygiene, regular exercise, scheduled hospital visits, and eating a balanced diet. Many more don’t know the danger signs of ailments, and mistake signs of some illness for another and thereby administer wrong prescriptions. This segment highlights these and many other issues to help audience stay healthy and help their families and friends to do the same.
ADO DA KWALIYA 3This segments celebrates traditional style and dress, showing audiences that our style of dress is a key component of our culture and our identity.
baban-zaure-3This segment features interviews with personalities in society about how they were able to overcome challenges to reach their goals and eventually get to where they are.
arewa-video-morning-show2Nigeria has such a variety of people and cultures that it is difficult to pick one national dish. Each area has its own regional favorite that depends on custom, tradition, and religion. Unfortunately, many of these traditional dishes are being forgotten as fast food and other chain eateries proliferate. As the awareness and knowledge to prepare these meals fades, so too do the culture of their regions. This segment ensures that these recipes are not forgotten, but rather shared broadly with audiences across the country.
Google ChromeScreenSnapz005Most youth today have adapted to other cultures, which has led many to turn away from their traditions and roots. This segment aims to reconnect youth with their roots by educating and informing them about their cultural and historical heritage.
arewa-video-youth-magazine2The main objective of this segment is to enlighten viewers on current issues concerning the general public.
arewa-video-h-hip-hop4This segment is includes musical guest and videos especially popular musicians from the North.
vlcsnap-2014-08-19-18h12m00s149Weddings, we all love them, this segment looks at traditional and contemporary hausa wedding from all cultural and religious backgrounds

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