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Arewa 24

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AREWA24’s original soap opera tells the story of Dadin Kowa, a fictional town in which the main characters’ story arcs interweave to give audiences a mirror into life and society in northern Nigeria. Through these entertaining, relatable storylines, audiences see themselves, their hopes and their challenges, and strategies to solve their own problems and make better decisions regarding their careers, families, finances, and conflicts.

Meet the characters of Dadin Kowa:

Nazir2The artist. An aspiring Hausa R&B musician and poet whose talent is admired by his friends but scorned by his more practically-minded parents. Despite growing up with five older sisters, Nazir is nervous around girls—especially when it comes to his spirited friend Zainab.
Badaru2The bad boy. A rebel and a truant, there is nothing that shakes Badaru’s bold confidence- well, except perhaps pretty girls! Raised by a violent father and a hateful step-mother, Badaru finds his escape in drugs, his love of weapons, and in solid friendships with the members of his gang.
Alawiyya2The dreamer. A house maid and primary school drop-out, Alawiya has a secret love of books and is determined to support her family and make sure that her sister has the education she couldn’t have…but her greedy father’s antics keep landing her back in square one.
ZubyThe wheeler-dealer. Zuby is full of schemes for money and has an insatiable desire for shiny things. She is also a generous and loving sister, but her stepmothers disapprove of Zuby’s flirtatious ways and think that her miscreant boyfriend Goje is trouble – and worry that Zuby might have some dark secrets of her own!
Sallau2The loveable oaf. A village man, Sallau is a highly traditional but very clumsy man who works as a peddler selling seasonal fruits. Sallau is very social and loves people, although his help often has a habit of making things worse! But is he really as foolish as he appears?
DantaniThe friendly neighbor. A tea vendor, Dantani always knows what’s happening in Dadin Kowa, but how much do his neighbors really know about him? Although he claims to be from a village near to Sallau’s, Dantani’s smiles hide the dark secrets of another life in another country.
Mal KabiruThe stingy beggar. Father to Alawiyya, Kande and Aminu, blind beggar Mal. Kabiru’s greatest fear is that he will lose his money- or worse, spend it! His lifelong dream has been to go on the hajj to Saudi Arabia, but can he spare money from his dream to help his family and his ailing wife?
GojeThe thug. A street smart orphan with a love for gambling, Goje trusts no one but his own ambition. Working for a ruthless politician has given Goje a taste for power, and he aspires to influence and fortune of his own. Enemies say he’s heartless, and friends admire his cunning, but everyone agrees that he’s a force to be reckoned with.
TimoThe barber. Kind and humble, Timo is well-liked by everyone but lives in fear of discovery and rejection- by his friends for being a Christian, by his family for loving a Muslim woman, and by the community for a secret criminal past.
Aminu AKThe rebel. Respected for his natural knack for electronic gadgets, Aminu is the youngest member of Badaru’s gang and follows him everywhere—even into trouble! He hates the nagging of his older sister Alawiyya, but is protective of his younger sister Kande, although he sometimes dreams of leaving for Libya and leaving them all behind…
ZainabThe writer. Student Zainab dreams of being a journalist, even if her passion for stories can get her into trouble. With a civil servant father and a nurse mother, Zainab is often left alone at home with their Christian tenant, with whom she shares a close bond—but is it just friendship?
KamalThe dancer. A truant of Quranic school with no modern education, Kamal is always in trouble with his cleric father for practicing his love of dance when he should be reading the Quran. Kamal’s father forbids him to associate with non-Muslims, but will Kamal let his friendships and his dreams be controlled by his father?
stella2The tough boss. A middleclass snob and Christian, Stella distrusts Muslims—especially her housemaid Alawiyya, who she resents for the attention the girl gets from Stella’s husband Olabode. But the looks Stella exchanges with Patrick suggest that Olabode might not be the only one with romantic secrets.
OlabodeThe pacifist. Despite being a Christian, Olabode is friendly with the Muslims in his community, although his wife Stella worries that he is getting a little too friendly with his housemaid Alawiyya.

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