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AREWA24 brings you exciting new television series and films from top international production houses including Al Jazeera International, Zuku TV, and Endemol. Children’s programs such as The 99 and Muslim Scholars are entertaining and instructive for the whole family. The bi-weekly Football Review provides interviews, news and scores from European Leagues to satisfy the appetite of even the most enthusiastic sports fans. Viewers can also step into an African adventure when they watch our wildlife series African Odyssey, or travel through the bush of East Africa in search of culinary delights in cooking show Tales of the Bush Larder. Viewers seeking drama should tune into our newest international offering the Turkish soap opera, To Better Days, or watch a film from our large library of Bollywood and Kannywood classics. Whatever your entertainment preferences may be, you can find your new favorite in our collection of international offerings brought to you in Hausa.

AREWA24 offers Hausa world premieres of the following programs:

TEAOnly months after its AREWA24 premiere, this captivating Turkish soap opera from TRT Productions has already become a fan favorite. In the series, a family therapist, a police mediator, and a divorce attorney work together to mend broken marriages while they navigate a series of relationship and family dramas in our own personal lives.
This cartoon from Endemol productions is based on the popular comic book of the same name, which has been well-loved by Middle Eastern readers. The 99 tells follows a team of superheroes who fight villains, build alliances, and champion justice. Along their way, they are confronted by dilemmas and forced to make tough decisions, providing an entry point to cultural values With a title that pays homage to the 99 attributes of Allah the show incorporates Islamic themes into exciting cartoons that can be enjoyed by families of all faiths.
DIRECTOR Saira-aminu-1561273454This animated series tells the stories of the Followers (al-Tabeen) who were instrumental in spreading the word of Islam. It sheds light on their virtues and principles, and explains how their lives exemplified the Prophet’s teachings, deeds, and behaviors.
HARSHE-4This animated series is about the lives of the Righteous (al-Salihin), who figure prominently in Islamic history, and whose virtues, knowledge, integrity, and good morals have been emulated by subsequent generations. Each episode profiles the life of each one of the Righteous and illustrates the peaceful relations they had with each other, establishing the Righteous as perfect role models for young people.
arewa-video-youth-role-models2In these short animations a schoolteacher and his robot friend take viewers into a fun-filled world of educational science. Each five minute episode takes an engaging approach to a basic science topic. Viewers of all ages can enjoy and learn from these short segments.
statehouseThis Kenyan drama takes viewers inside Nairobi’s State House for a fictional account of the politics and personal upheavals surrounding the Kenyan Government’s first family. Viewers get a taste of democracy in action as they follow characters through policy-making decisions, political maneuvering, and interpersonal tensions. Through this ‘up close and personal’ view of the inner workings of political life, audiences become witnesses to the types of political decisions that affect their own lives.
vlcsnap-2014-08-19-18h12m00s149From the movie sets of Morocco to the mosques of Malaysia, documentaries at AREWA24 take audiences around the globe to discover the lives, lessons, and cultures of people with fascinating stories to tell. Documentaries dubbed in Hausa are aired regularly throughout the programming schedule.
baban-zaure-3This Kenyan musical TV series portrays a group of university music students in the Great Lakes region of Kenya. Although the characters’ commitment to their music can, at times, lead to clashes with the university’s administration and with each other, the students and their supportive teachers band together to keep music central to their education and lives. This series is full of original renditions of hit Kenyan songs sung by the actors themselves.
This wildlife series includes spectacular scenery from some of Africa’s greatest game reserves. The filmmakers travel to the Kalahari Desert, Amboseli, and the Masi Mara to capture images Africa’s “big five” game animals, colorful birds, and heard migrations.
Google ChromeScreenSnapz005Renowned Kenyan chef and show host Kiran Jethwa leaves his world-class restaurant in Nairobi and travels into the bush of Eastern Africa to bring viewers modern takes on traditional food. Part adventure, part instructional cooking lesson, the show show provides viewers with a taste of culture and new recipes to try at home.
This popular animated series from Big Bad Boo Production depicts the tales of the 1001 Arabian Nights. AREWA24 is proud to drive the Hausa premiere of a show that has aired in over 80 countries to bring the classic tales of Aladdin, Sinbad, and Ali Baba to West African audiences.
arewa-video-h-hip-hop4From the beginning of the seventh century until the end of the fourteenth century, Islamic civilization was a beacon of enlightenment for science, mathematics, and literature. Building on the lessons of ancient civilizations, Islamic scholars were pioneers of theoretical and applied sciences. This series profiles the lives of many such scholars, including Jabar bin Hayyaan, regarded by many as the father of chemistry; Muḥammad ibn Mūsā al-Khwārizmī, the father of mathematics; and Ibn Khaldoon, the founder of sociology.
Muslim ScientistsEach episode of this animated series features a historical profile of a prominent Islamic scientist or mathematician. Children come away entertained and educated through stories that describe the scientific contributions made by key thinkers whose discoveries and lessons are still taught today.
arewa-video-kannywood-movie2 alt=AREWA24 features an extensive library of Kannywood films from top directors and producers in the industry. Audiences can catch their favorite stars, such as Jamila Nagudu, Ali Nuhu, and Adam A. Zango, as they portray characters whose lives are filled with drama and intrigue in daily screenings on AREWA24.