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Arewa 24

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The 45 minute-long movie magazine show features the breadth and depth of Northern Nigeria’s movie industry: Kannywood. The show is divided into four segments and presented by one of Kannywood’s most beloved actors, Arewa 24’s own Aminu Shariff. The first segment (Sharhin Fina-finai) reviews new and trending Kannywood movies, while segment 2 (Ga Fili Ga Mai Doki — fans ask stars) gives audiences a chance to ask popular Kannywood actors their own questions about their roles, careers, or interests. In part 3, Bayan Fage (Behind the Scenes), our camera crews go on-location to a film set to capture Kannywood in motion and to chat with actors, directors and producers. Each weekly show ends with Fittatu 10 (Top 10), which rates the top grossing Kannywood films based on number of copies sold.

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