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Arewa 24

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Matasa@360 has its finger on the pulse of youth culture. The show’s magazine format offers viewers diverse perspectives on what it means to be a youth in the Hausa-speaking West Africa of today’s world. Topics ranging from entrepreneurship and problem-solving to the latest fashions and trends are featured and debated by AREWA24’s team of young presenters. By offering youth opportunities to express themselves and actively engage in the issues most important to them, Matasa@360 empowers youth to be the architects of their own growth and development.

Matasa@360 features a variety of segments:

vibesYouth community leaders take the microphone to express their views and advice on important issues affecting youth today, from substance abuse and unemployment to healthy relationships and peaceful coexistence. Guests share their insights and provide workable alternatives and solutions to help young audience members struggling with the same problems to make informed decisions.
pulseThis montage segment featuring youth from all over Northern Nigeria is compiled from videos submitted by the youth themselves, who send in short mobile phone videos expressing their views on the current societal issues affecting them. This participatory format makes the audience a key part of the program and upholds Masta@360’s commitment to be a program of youth, for youth and by youth.
MusicologyToday’s Hausa music is a rich heritage characterized by many different cultural and musical influences; this segment profiles young musicians as they revive or re-conceptualize traditional music.
trendsThis segment captures the ever-evolving fashions, crazes, and new inventions from the most creative minds in youth culture. Each week, host Fa’iza Shehu highlights the newest fads, from fashion and beauty, to technology and trending topics on the Internet and social media.
Talent ProfileEach installment of this segment profiles an exemplary young person who has distinguished themselves in their art, craft, or career. Guests represent a diverse range of fields, both modern and traditional, including painters, authors, poets, entrepreneurs, scientists, and sketch artists. The extended interview showcases the challenges the guest had to surmount to develop their specialty and the impact of his or her work on their own lives and their communities.

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