Our Programs

Goge Africa

Goge Africa spotlights the rich heritage of Africa through travels, festivals, ceremonies, traditional rites, fashion, food music, and dance

Africa Eye

Africa Eye brings you original, investigative journalism revealing secrets and rooting out injustice in the world’s

Lies of the Heart

Lies of the Heart is the story of a young girl Urmi who got married to and has a child for an arrogant chauvinist Samrat.

Gidan Badamasi

Gidan Badamasi is a new situational comedy-drama that is centered around a controversial family, the “Badamasi Family.”

Ubongo Kids

Ubongo Kids is An animated educational TV series produced in Tanzania, which helps kids find the fun in learning. Edutainment, made in Africa, for Africa.

90 Days

KWANA CASA’IN is about politics, intrigues power play and corruption. The drama series is set in Alfawa a fictional city, which is also the state capital.

Sapne Suhane

This series follows the story of young lovers fighting to be together despite interference from their families who care more about money

The Story Book

This groundbreaking children’s show is designed to raise awareness of the storybook and reacquaint children with the wonderful world of reading

Bhagya Lakshmi

Set in the contemporary India, this popular series focuses on the story of two families from Madhya Pradesh. The Prajapatis and family of Shukla’s.

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