(16A/16 East, Horizontal, Frequency 10804; Symbol Rate 30000


A message from your neighborhood AREWA24 Installers

Contact information for AREWA24 Installers


  • Kabiru Lawan (+234) 08065030389; (+234) 08024486090
  • Salahudden Hassan (+234) 08030522520; (+234) 08055907295
  • Musa Abdulhamid Dahir (+234) 08062500341; (+234) 08022542150
  • Abdulrazak Lawan (+234) 08164502620


  • Mal Hamza (+234) 08031398900
  • Mal Saifullahi (+234) 08061617281


  • Sha,aibu Alhassan (+234) 08139405681


  • Umar Farooq (+234) 07063655133


  • Muhammed Suleiman (+234) 080379662402

Birin Kebbi:

  • Mal Abdulqahar (+234) 07034933343


  • Mal Jafar (+234) 07059192946


  • Bashir Ibrahim Akpors (+234) 08069585999


  • M Malan (+234) 08095368693


  • Malam Kabiru Musa (+234) 08060245850


  • Mal Mu’azu Adamu (+234) 08144443841

Dear Valued AREWA24 Viewers,

 On March 1, Nilesat 102, our current satellite, will go offline permanently and be replaced by Nilesat 201, which does not cover northern Nigeria. As a result, AREWA24 has no choice but to transition to Eutelsat 16A/16 East Horizontal (Frequency 10804; Symbol Rate 30000) . While this forced transition is out of our control, it will enable more viewers across more locations in Nigeria to view AREWA24 with smaller dishes and fewer signal disruptions. Please e-mail us ( or send us a message via Facebook ( with any questions or to be connected with an installer who can help you receive AERWA24 on Eutelsat 16A.

 Unfortunately, the disappearance of Nilesat 102 is entirely beyond our control and means that our signal will no longer cover North Africa or the Middle East. To our loyal viewers in Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Libya, and across North Africa and the Middle East, we take this opportunity to invite you to tune into to our digital platform via our website ( and YouTube (, while we explore other program delivery options. If you send us your contact details by e-mail or Facebook messenger, we can stay in touch directly with you and alert you to updates in our Digital Platform and when AREWA24 becomes available in your area.

 AREWA24 Digital provides ALL of our original programs from our first day of broadcast free of charge, and new programs are uploaded each week. While we explore opportunities to boost our digital platform in order to more effectively deliver our programming to you and other audiences outside of Nigeria, we welcome your feedback by e-mail or Facebook.”

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